Question: Is there a jazz equivalent site like DaSDC?

Are there any other sites that could possibly compare to this site for Jazz, jazz piano, etc.? I have a few vintage bootlegs, but there’s just so much out there, and so little time… I would appreciate any feedback that you have on this. thanx, Sousa

All I can say is that many of the members of this site love jazz :ziff:

-da Meph


:rectum: :rectum:

u mean, in termz of da amount of free recz? 8)

diz zite’z uniq :stop:

or even maybe da explicity, mofoness, and badazzness…

yeah, free recs are most of what I look for, and of course all of the debate, chatter, riff-raff, porn and the likes

ahhhhhh, da leecher…

mifly he has MUCH MORE rare sheeyat dan u will evav get.

he has posted some of it here.

-da Meph

fuk u, and stop hunting me down in every thread, stalker…

Currently trying to hook up a jazz subforum on this board.

If that doesn’t work, I’ll just host it myself.