Why never ( I think…) this great pianists never played ( or recorded.)…? :

Richter: Chopin concertos- Rach 3
Sofronitzky with orchestra
Gieseking Ravel concerto
Horowitz Rach 2

Richter played the Chopin 2nd Concerto. His recording is quite good.

As for the Rachmaninoff third, his official stance was that Gilels played it so well the Richter didn’t think he could do any better.

with Richter - it’s real easy, he thought da Niggauz (Neuhaus senior) owned da Chop concerti.

Da Sofro mofro DID play da Glazumofo Concerto No. 1 as well as da:
Bach - random conc for 2 clavierz
Liszt concerto pathetique for 2 88z
Rubinstein conc 4
Szrib conc
Rach conc 1

Horowitz did play da Rach 2 when he was in Russia, but no documentation of diz haz been found. Da RCA tried in vain to get him to rec diz when he retired in 1953, but he was like “na bitchz, I aint downgrading from da Rach 3 aka big Dong (as in Fei Fei Dong) like sum kind of poosy”

da Gilels Rach 3 is pretty fucking good tru. I also love da Flier rec from 1941.

He wasn’t wrong. Neuhaus’ recording of No. 1 is amazing.

I like it more den da Lipatti rec :blush: