queztion fo tha e60 or neone about tha BOMBAH

zhould thiz zheeyat on p4 n alzo followin on tha top of tha next page be an A flat lyk how it iz in tha beginnin?

rezpc :gav:

daim unlezz mah pitch iz deceivin me it appearz tha WHALE at leazt playz az written tha a natural :whale:

next measure its a flat, natural isn’t correct i believe, for as far as my limited harmonic knowledge goes

This piece looks unfamiliar. Composer? Op.?

don’t play it anythin like e60 but i would flatten it


chopin ballade no 4, an ossia passage. do some research

I know the fourth well enough but I have never seen an ossia
But fuck, guess i’m stupid

ur editon urtext? :doc:

daim, i almost feel bad

ahahhaa repzec tha input 8)


He said it :smiley: . Even if u dun recognize the piece, if you played through a measure, any tru pianizt wud recognize da CG of d’izlamic BOMBAH

I decided to play an A flat there, though I can’t recall the precise reasoning behind that decision right now; I’ll post again if/when I do.

hah you had me confused for a second; I was like “huh Ballade, isn’t that Islamey?” after a short glimpse.

Then I realized what an ass I was being.

Oh you fuckaz
I deserved that for never having seen the Islamey sheetz

actually u cud insert that passage on da middle of da chopBal4 coda… would sound wikid, and it has a rythm alike

daim da robbah’s pitch. Da jealousy. 8)
Da ability to always know what key a sheeyat is in must be a useful sheeyat (da e60 also randomly one-of-those). :rectum:

haha dis random trumofo bump