Rach Interview


“Kreisler is an optimist and I am a pessimist”
Who would ever have thunk that!!? :rock:


What’s an executive musician? :jacko: BTW who the hell is jacko?

I asked the same question a few months ago. Old forum hero. They gave him a whole subforum where he could speak his mind in peace.

Sounds like Rach arrived directly from the bank to this interview. The gist of it is that anything for which he still gets paid is good stuff, the rest isn’t.

He was a dude from the Chopinfiles.
If he ever had an account here I doubt he made more than a couple of posts.
All I remember about him is that he was Malaysian, thought Yundi Li was cute and had a tenuous grasp of the English language. :shrimp:

No he was here - 170 times. Direct, clear minded fellow.


holy shit.
I have to admit it’s pretty CG, but I don’t know if I’m laughing at him or with him. :lib:

Meanwhile, I’m getting a real Zimerman vibe from this Rach article. :rock:

Tru :rock:

When I first signed up I was a little taken aback by how rude everyone was against new members who introduced themselves down there. It’s only now I understand that everyone knew it was trumofo, making his 854th return to the forum after the latest ban. :dong:


Hilariously, nobody minds a real wanker like Donald, who clearly ISN’t TRUMOFO.

Damn! 8)

I thought he only recorded for RCA?

wtf, is there a cache of HMV test records we don’t know about?

unless a wikid mofo bootlegs it 8)

Zo bazically what the radio waz doing to record zalez 100 yearz ago, daTube iz doing to it now. And yet, they’re all ztill here.

Yes for the time being… I don’t recall exact figures now but I’ve heard the abysmal sales numbers expected on a new recording today, and some pianists have more or less stopped making them while some labels have begun offering their CDs for free on youtube since the cents they get from activating monetization there is on par with what they get through commercial channels.

Mikhail - RCA was HMV’s American affiliate.

I did a shite load of recs for AMEB and they’re all on youtube through CDBaby. I notified AMEB about it, but still there.
It’s under that [name]-topic youtube chanel thing. So is that what happens? They start getting money through ads once there’s enough hits?

Yes, even immediately I think. But you need to have A LOT of views to make anything out of it. Or, of course, a lot of videos… which makes me wonder why they don’t upload track by track.

I think it’s 1 USD per 1000 views, unless the rate has changes.

Dear Sergei,
If you ever read these lines, here’s what you were looking for: