Rach Prel 23/5 Tempo, :rocky: Metronome marking

:zcholah: “108 is way too fast. I could play 108 if I would really practise this for a month or so, but I think it’s a poor musical choice. My speed would be in the 80s or 90s, I would play it slower than most people but I’d focus on different aspects of the music, play it more precise.” :laughing:


Sooo…. it’s raining in Japan I take it? :wink:

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Hahaha no…I started learning this Prelude and explored many recordings and “masterclasses/tutorials”. :wink:
Your favourite? :rectum:?


Moiseiwitsch here. Very suave.

Rachmaninoff, Richter, Moistbitch

Da random 1931 Horowitz rec is bizarrely sloppy

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Bizarrely neurotic as well, but he nonetheless has a thumbs up from me. It’s one of those recs you remember when you’ve heard it.

I like SR/EG as well, but not as much as I used to. For that overpowering military style it’s Fiorentino who has the biggest tank anyway.

I’ve always been fond of Hofmann’s early studio version. It has such tremendous precision in articulation and rhythmic drive without being bangy.

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Hahaha, I just listened to Horowitz. He messes up the ending pretty famously.

Best part is that he discarded an earlier take, but approved this. :yum:


Controversial rec.

I really like it, but that’s kinda predictable.


My favourite is that (sadly) brief clip of Gilels playing it for the Soviet soldiers on the front lines.


They wanted a filler for the 10th side of the Rach 3 rec

The Hofmann is stunning

Randomly, Hofmann’s best recs are spectacular. And when you listen closely, they are not as straight forward as they might seem on the surface

Magnificent tone production at any dynamic, amazing balance, rhythm etc

Whut a mofo


Horowitz I is interesting, for all its sloppiness it has a fluid rhythmic snap that I don’t hear elsewhere except for Hofmann live and Horowitz at Yale. Horowitz II is gloriously vulgar. Horowitz’s Yale version from 1948 is an ideal blend of I and II. So I really like all of the above. Otherwise, I like the brute force interpretations of Richter and SF. Also John Ogdon. Rachmaninoff himself is good but a bit bland.

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Hahaha tru dere iz no hand zync and how da fuck wud dey get dat quality zound in an open airfield

I feel he iz playin a different piece in da vid and da zound iz a zeparate rec

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I get da feelin da ZIFF neva praxd wiz a metronome in hiz lyf

thankfully :sunglasses:

juz abzolutely fuckin legendary

da ZIFF iz ma fav perzonal interp

n da CUDA ma fav ztraight bazic interp

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Ahahahaha I find it at leazt 60% probable dat diz CUDA film cuntained zum artificial zpeed manipulazheeyat

Cumpare wiz da latah full perf vid

Fo a normal penizt wiz no majah injuriez, derez no way yo natural zpeed vil decline by 30% while becummin rhythmically LEZZ ztable at da zame tym

Diz tru even fo mofoz entahrin da 70+ category let alone a zumwut 50 yr old mofo :sunglasses:


Hahaha how iz diz piece not treated lyk a fuckin SD CLAZZIC?

da CUDA interp prove dat bazically - da FAZTAH DA BETTAH

DAIM, wutz da record fo diz piece?

Not includin any mofoz hu kiddierape da moizt zect :sunglasses:

NOZTRADAzepp predicktah

anzah cummah

in 5 dayz

at mozt :sunglasses:



U haf dat much FAITH

in da 88pear? :pear: :sunglasses: