Rachmaninoff Etude, Liszt Ballade, and Scriabin Prelude

Rachmaninoff - Etude Tableau Op.39 No.5
Liszt - Ballade No.2 (Excerpt)
Scriabin - Prelude Op.11 No.6

I’ve been taking lessons for 9 years. Please give me some feedback!


hahah tru

tah rocky et wuz all i had tym to liztn to. Twuz good, soulful…but could hav uzd mo FURY

iz u playin on a dig or clavinova o sumthin?

respec still.

respec … i began late i think so respec again !
but u could use a real piano to record , would give much bigger effect … and try to Rob … a bit mo furry !

Thanks guys. I think that one benefit of using a digital piano is that I get a clearer and more present bass register. I started lessons late too, I was 14 (I was a freshman in high school!).

I look forward to hearing the rest of the Liszt Ballade No. 2

Quite good.

Your Rach was some good shit.