Rachmaninov / Lang Lang

check this out, you will love it:
langlang.com/special/index.h … achmaninov

…and try the eplayer, its great!

this IS great sh@#!

kelsey grammar iz dat u? 8)

Wow! I love his interpretation of that song. He really becomes one with the music and shows his true emotions and he can play so fast, too! I wish there were more pianists like him, not just those boring old farts!

Yep, dats rite. I sed that.

no it aint :blush:

dat is total sheeyat.

LangLang is a good pianist, but like i said, David Helfgott is much better.

Hahaa, someone started a topic about this in da 88society, but they randomly locked it. I guess even the word “Lang Lang” is banned…

What exactly was in that topic that was against da rules of da forrum? HMM… They just don’t like him.

As suggested by the strong atmospheric cover, this album sounds more mature, thoughtful and emotional then any other Lang Lang recording before – be prepared for a new Rachmaninov experience!


da thrac iz mod of da PS, so dat explainz dat sheeyat


hahahaha, i loved da episode where u randomly unleashed yo fury on da 88

hahahahaha, dayum da teamwork

conspiracy theory

hahaha dayum

I FUKINN HATE DAT EPLAYER IT NEVEA FUKINN WORKS!! DIS IZ TOTALL BULLSHEEYAT!! I wanted 2 hear long penis rip da fukinn mach 2 :doc:


buy da fuckin CD

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i wont pay 2 c dat asianSTD wank ova rach beatz