Radio Broadcast, Hamelin, Laplante

So I’ve recently come across two future radio broadcasts on CBC radio in Canada. I’m wondering if someone has the capability to capture these two concerts, and upload them to the community. I will, of course be attending these concerts, and most likely page turning for Andre Laplante, so the capture of these concerts will not be as important as it is for those who aren’t attending. Anyway, the two concerts look really interesting:

Andre Laplante … lante.html

Program (what I can remember)
Shostakovich Quintet
Prokofiev Sonata No.7
Prokofiev Visions Fugitives
(I forget the rest)

Marc-Andre Hamelin … melin.html

Program (again, what I remember)
Haydn sonatas (I remember No. 23 in F major)
Beethoven Op.110
Berg Sonata
Hetu Variations

I think both of these would be great concerts to have. If anyone can help, please let me know.


i iz goin to c that DOC perf live :doc:

i iz alzo learnin th HETU n BROTHA110 currnetly :brotha:

Well, that would make it a very good concert to go to then! He’ll probably play the fuck out of the Hetu.

man, i wanna hear it just for the hétu. i wanna see if its gould level or not.

Doesn’t Gould change p to f and vice verca fr every var exept for the theme?

wutevah Gould doez iz da correct way to play anything - he iz just correctin

mozart sonatas, chopin sonata no.3…etc.


I will record and post these.

Here is the complete program info, btw.

rezpec. i cant wait to hear what theyre gonna play.

Get me a rec if you guys can, please. I’m playing the Haydn.

The F major?


Aha great piece. I played it too. I can’t wait to see Hamelin completely destroy the piece by playing it twice as fast as it should, but oh well, it will be fun to hear.

haha. hamelin’s haydn is actually quite decent. he doesnt rush right through it.

haha i like da DOC Haydn az well. he iz best in the zlow mvmts pozz :doc:

Wow, I guess I don’t have his CD. It should be interesting.

Da Weed Rules

did anyone manage to capture the laplante recital?

Randomly I only got the 2nd half.

was it good (worth posting, in other words)?