Radiohead - Com Lag [EP]

a wikid EP, originally for Japan only, but then they decided to release it worldwide. Not really hard to find, but harder than the 6 albums I’d say.

tracklist :
01 - 2+2=5 [live]
02 - Remyxomatosis [remix]
03 - I will [Los Angeles version, full band]
04 - Paperbag writer
05 - I am a wicked child
06 - I am citizen insane
07 - Skttrbrain [Four Tet RMX]
08 - Gagging order
09 - Fog (again) [live]
10 - Where bluebirds fly

get dis u fuckahzzzzzzzz!

I got this and the other EP thanks a ton.

Do you ahve the 2+2=5 (What was that album’s name? I forget… ends with the wolf at the door and myxamatosis?) album? I used to have it but lost :ziff: . And OK computer? :frowning: I somehow can’t dl it from de udder thread :p.


I rezpec da name. Tiz homage to fake plastic trees.

haha tru.

da album iz Hail to the thief

I’ll pozt dis az zoon az pozzible