Radiohead - Ok Computer

Undoubtedly the best Radiohead albums, and easily one of the great albums of all time.

Karma Police is probably my favourite track… Not sure why, maybe it’s the fact that there’s Piano in it :slight_smile:


underrated album IMO

Underrated? Spin magazine rated it as the greatest album of the last 20 years.

I would say it is under-appreciated though.

HAHA RESPEC!!! Randomly Radiohead = mah fave band evah. I idolize dem tru. U can x-pect sum live bootlegz n sheeyat from moi 8)


U can have my Karma Police Single (with all the B-sides) if you want.

I can air-mail it to daCanadian

Or give it to me :smiling_imp:


Radiohead’s third album got compared to Pink Floyd a lot when it came out, and its slow drama and conceptual sweep certainly put it in that category. OK Computer, though, is a complicated and difficult record: an album about the way machines dehumanize people that’s almost entirely un-electronic; an album by a British “new wave of new wave” band that rejects speed and hooks in favor of languorous texture and morose details; a sad and humanist record whose central moment is Thom Yorke crooning “We hope that you choke.” Sluggish, understated, and hard to get a grip on, OK Computer takes a few listens to appreciate, but its entirety means more than any one song. --Douglas Wolk

Come, regardless of what I think about radiohead, how on earth could this be considered “difficult to listen to music”!?

No wonder so few people like classical sheeyat.

-da Meph

For some reason I can’t download it. Could you please, perhaps, reupload it?

tiz not a question of reupload, tiz a question of sherlock holmez 8)