Random Bort Etude

the “other” Op. 10 #4:


beautifully done! loved the coda

have you recorded 29/3?

Thanks, there was of course some slight…embellishment with the coda. :pimp:

Man, you have an awfully big sound. (I say this in a complementary way)


I listened to this right now, DAIm, da Koji inzane tech!

Hhahah cool. I didn’t know this etude.

respec da random reminiscence (copycat) of Chops 10/10

does it really ends with those EbEb? or is :wood:




shit, can’t download it on this computer.

Hopefully the link is not dead or it will still work when I get back to Cleveland in 3 days.

haha diz iz a tru cleveland ZTEAMAH :stop:

your recording’s got me more curious about this guy’s music. i want to hear more!

–very very beautiful recording too, you have a huge technique.

If you want a nice overall survey, I highly recommend Cyprien’s recording:
cyprienkatsaris.com/index.php?ma … njrt9evr82

I’d be happy to post more of my live stuff stuff as well if you’re interested. I think he’s an extremely underrated composer who certainly deserves a wider audience among pianists–very effective and affecting music, I think.

Please post more. Your recordings are great and his music is terrific. Almost like a more Chopinesque Scriabin.

In these terrible days music is something that can unite us all.

diz :gav:

Bort flood:


Etudes Op. 15 #1, 8, 10, 7, 9
Etude Op. 65 #2
Preludes Op. 33 #4, 7
Impromptu, Op. 24 #3
Ballade, Op. 42

ahaha REZPEC

mad respec!

For da Bren:

Etude, Op. 29, #3, “La Brune”


nice playing! do you play the chopin Ab from op.10 that this technique seems pretty obviously inspired by?

thanks, man! super-inspiring.

was this from a cziffra society concert?

to thracozaag: why the interest in bortkiewicz? certainly a rather off-the-beaten-track composer to want to play a whole load of…