random christmas party

randomly i m hammrd righ now playiing at a christmas party


if u iz readinhg thiz: respec

hahahah tha cadenza unleazh in “O Hly hInight”


i’m randomly baked…

haha man, moi n rob wud be friends in real lyf, tru 8)

ill be makin polo soupz

just had the worst drunk experience tonite

cleaning the mess of my drunken roomate

puke consist of grape (mix drink with grape flavor coolaid) and beef jerky

thx god i took like 13 shots… so i was cleaning his mess drunk

it wasn’t as bad i guess

I never spew when I’m wasted, no matter how much I’ve drunk. The downside is it leaves me with a nasty ‘vagueness’ that lasts a week.

i juz dun drink :doc:

da mormon :beuz: