Random DOC intahview

From about 10 yearz ago, but might haff gone under da radar here.

Ethan Iverzon iz himzelf a wikid jazz pianizt (tru https://youtu.be/CgLphk_IVxg), and he poztz intahviewz from time to time on hiz site. Mozt of em are wiff jazz muzicianz (hiz intahview wiff Keith Jarrett iz pretty CG). Pretty cool read, ezpecially zince Iverzon iz himzelf a muzician.


Is legendary. This the one where he popularizes Mereaux by saying its shit? Reverse psych next level there.


hahahahaha tru

The problem with these pieces is that, musically, they are sub-zero. The melodic invention is… it’s not enough to say that it’s poor, it’s just not there. And it just goes on and on and on and on. He writes 60 pieces in an absolutely worthless idiom.



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HAHAHAHAHA i recall diz zumwut legendary intahview

diz da one where da DOC iz zhown da FRIEDMOFO 10/7 n harzhly claimz tiz da BAR? :sunglasses:


Hhahaha tru. Da Zepp haz good memory. :sunglasses:

He alzo qualifiez da perf az “excessive” :doc:

Alzo randomly, dis wtf gensui quote from da JARRETT in hiz intahview, when azked about hiz opinion on different peniztz:

EI: […] Art Tatum?
KJ: Too many notes
EI: Really? Too many notes?
KJ: Yeah. Too many notes too often.
EI: Great time, though.
KJ: Good time, yeah. But that’s my response.



Daim wtf.

Hahah diz y i neva lizn to da JARRETT :sunglasses:

Haha rezpec diz mofoz bio vidz!

Da CIM MERetz release appeahz harzhly delayed.

Diz almozt az epic az da DOC being zhown a HATTO CHOPGOD and not realising it wuz hiz own rec.


Hahah da delay a ‘ruze’ to make it da notion dat he iz actually learnin dem mo cuntvincin :sunglasses::tiger2:

Dasdc cud crowdfund commizzion a vid of no. 24. :sunglasses:

As whack as some of the sheeyit KJ says- many times it can be questionable…he is always worth hearing for various reasons. Jass and classical, let alone “world” muzikz…

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Hahhah rezpec. You pozzibly on like myzlef…or a totally sober :tm:

Anyway I thought tiz funny if dat firszt KJ rec iz a follow to dem commentz about Tatum

Now I ain’t no jazz expert :doc: , not really an expert on anything really, but KJ needs to take a nap. And then get up and learn more notes maybe.

Maybe I don’t know enough about wut I iz lisztening to, but this iz like Michael Jordan vz…zteve nazh to me


Tru hiz bezt rec :sunglasses:

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