Random game: Hatto'd or not?

Have a listen to the following recs and try to identify which have been sped up(hatto’d) and which are original speed.


100 000 ziffros for the person who gets the most correkt.

ok im about to go out, so will do the rest later. I def don’t think toccata and rachprel 2 sped up. 10/1 hard to tell, if it is sped up, it mite just barely. the first sheeyats bra 2 and sumthing else sound altered but mite jus be da sheeyat sound. They iz hardly :busrolls: sped-up :lib:

I hope da chop waltz sped up. or else da :chop: pozz not :dong:

K, there’s only 6 samples now. That should make it a bit more respectable.

There’s a chance I got all these wrong, but whatver:

Sokolov - Not
Richter Brahms 2 - Not
Richter Chopin Waltz -No
Richter Prokofiev - Yes
Richter Chopin Prel - Yes
Richter Chopin Shitzo - No

sokchop - :hatto:
richterprok24 - not
richterchopwal - not
richterchopsch1 - :hatto:
richterchopprel8 - :hatto:
richterbrahms2 - not…although i really want to say yes

Believe it or not, the Sok is untouched.

i am ashamed of myself :cry:

Can you post the whole of Sokolov’s 25/12, in that case?

Yea, pozz

K, since this game is not that interesting, I will reveal that the only one speeded up was the Chopin Waltz… and even then, only by about 3%. Tru

Young Richter was a speed demon, for true.

Subwoofah wins, though he still got less than 50%. I wonder if that means I still have to give him ziffros? A failure shouldn’t be a winner…

tru donate tha ziffroz towards zponzazhip of tha SDC COMP

tha ROB account iz tha official bank of tha comp currently :gav:

Ok, I have made a donation to the SDC comp in Jake’s name :whale:

ahahah tha jake

Hahah. this makes up for my catastrophic demize in the WC final 2006 betting comp. :zidane: