Random happenis

In my youth days at the 88 (two years ago), I believe the 3rd movement of the moonlight to be the penacle of pianism. I searched for months and months for a video perform of this piece. I failed time after time. I soon abandonned this, seemingly never ending search.

As time pasted and my understanding of piano literature grew, I began to realize what a small stump this piece was, and that there was a world of new and exciting difficulty far beyond the realm of this piece. My affinity for the piece never waned, however.

Two months ago, whilst researching video of Cziffra and Kempf, I discovered on Amazon a video of Wilhelm, himself, playing the sonata that I had once hailed as perfection. Unfortunately, I had not a job to pay even the most trivial fee necessary for owning this priceless item.

A few days ago I lucked out. A simple google search, where years ago not a single site was found, revealed a plethora of joygasmic sources.

Vifth owt furhzer a doo


If you already have it - God Speed

If not - revel and bask.

da kizzin moonlight 3rd mov vid iz quite wikid also.

sadly, i iznt a fan ov kempff brotha sonataz.