random jeux d'eau help

first off, wtf at the 56 notes measures. Any tips on interp and exec on that? Secondly, random 32 note flurry in beginning. Whats the best fingering? Lastly, ending starting with 2nds run. Any mental tips or techniques for playing correct dynamics and notes? Thanks in advanced, dis forum rocks!

diz piece iz horribly pleasing, n horribly difficult
jz taken a look at it!!!

may ur god blezz u success

Yes it is! In every aspect you’ve mentioned. I’m just glad i have semi-large hands, otherwise i’d be screwed with all the tenth based paterns he uses. It was really easy to memorize though. I did it in about two weeks, which is crazy for me.

Haven’t played it yet, so I don’t know if this makes sense :slight_smile:

  1. Don’t see the particular problem here.

  2. not sure what bars you precisely mean…

  3. Probably 1 23 45 45 23 1 1 23 45 45 23 1 … the 2nds should be easier if concentrating on 3 and 5 while ascending and 2 and 4 while descending.

  1. The part with the septuplets, which notes should I emphasize? Also, how the heck do I keep my hands from colliding?

  2. end of bar 4 I think, though it’s getting better. Just a very odd run for me I guess.

  3. Thanks! that helped a little. The main problem is my muscle memory. When my right hand is on top, I can’t see where to jump my left hand, but its fine when I play the left hand an octave lower. I guess lots more practice.

New probs:
Ending arps, I want them to be quiet, but don’t exactly know what’s the best way.

Left pedal. When? the markings on my version aren’t too clear.

Section after gliss. Best fingerings for left hand (mainly the G#,E#,G#,B#,D,B,G#,E,G# section)

Thanks for all the help so far!

Ending bar 4: i have fingerings stated here as 1235 4212