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"I had read somewhere (before hearing any of Chopin’s etudes) that the second etude, Op.10, was so extremely difficult that many professional pianists playing the set today actually miss it out. You might have guessed by now that after hearing that I had to hear this piece.

I have the complete set of Etudes recorded by Tamas Vasary, who I believe to be an excellent Chopin player (his renditions of the Ballades are marvellous as well). Upon listening to Etude Op.10 No.2 I was almost in disbelief…no, not at the huge difficulty, but rather at the comment I’d read about this difficulty. The piece sounded so simple - a ‘twiddly’ right hand against simple chords in the left, not even played stupidly fast. I was sure I had found the wrong etude. Then I got the music…

What I had thought was a simple tune in the right hand (and would have been, had it been all there was) turned out to in fact be that tune played over chords in the right hand i.e. the right hand was twiddling and accompanying itself (to a degree) at the same time. What this meant was that in order to play the chords the tune (rising up a long chromatic scale), which was quite quick, had to be played by only the fourth and fifth, and occaissionally third, fingers of the right hand. Ouch.

I watched Freddy Kempf play the etude on TV, and he commented that ‘after 30 seconds you can feel a burning pain shooting through your forearm; by the end of the piece you are gasping for breath and with a near-crippled right arm’. "

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am I supposed to belive that u just “found” that on da internett. it iz obviously a plagiat on one of my posts on da 88sociaty under da nick name “Restan”:

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megaronin wrote:
I could be mistaken but to me op 10 no. 2 in a minor sounds like
it would be “do-able.” It has a simple left hand and a running
right hand with chromatic scale passenges. The balances of the
hands which is demanded reminds me also of Bach Prelude WTK
1 in D Major

A quality recording can be found here


By one of the greatest Chopin players of our time.

Reply from Restan:

Have you seen the score? It sounds easy that is for sure but it is in reality one of the most difficult pieces ever composed in the romantic period. This is because you don`t play the cromatic line with the fingers 1-3-1-3-1-2-13 etc but with the weak fingers(starting from a);4-3-4-5-3-4-3-4-5-3-4-3-4-3-4-5 etc while playing dobble notes on every beat with the fingers 1 and 2 so that you will not be able to cheat.
I belive that even pianistic giants like Kapell struggled with this etude. He even said: If practice makes perfect(refering to this etude) I should be perfect.

Some of the members who have actually played the piece can probably give more details.

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