random n pozzibly cuntroverzial announcment

to da canadian mofo, n partially da anima, n otha random mofoz -


dat iz all, good day :dong:

[color=cyan][size=200]u Fucktard, stevie.[/size]

haha wtf

and i randomly still don’t understand ur random hate out of nowhere towards me, but whatever :comme:

probably due to his excessive obsessive amount of masturbation.

He jack off so much, his house doesn’t need cockoroach-hotel.
They would be stick onto the ground, immobilized.

hahahahaha, a mofo praizez god, n da ANIMA dizz him n zayz he zhud be banned fo diz, when in fact da fuckin ANIMA zhud be banned fo zuch blazphemy


iamalsocanadian :rudy:

fuck you too :dong: :whale:

Mediocre Nanocock

[size=200][color=red]Mediocre Nanocock[/size]


pozzible overthrow of cumme?

Wasn’t there a guy here a while back who was an actual fan of Adolph Hitler? Let’s put things in perspective here… :doc:

dat wuz CG, diz iz zeriouz sheeyat :rectum:

Zeriouzly? If so many new members get dizted and so many of them are desired banned, then dizzin and bannin dem aint zeriouz, It’s da way of life here.

This place is like a fukkin high school klik. Xenofobic to tha max.

My fukkin brother learned that shit the hard way. :rectum:

i have been hated on, and i have no idea why.,…

strangely when i wuz a n00b in tha neighborh00d i wasnt hated , id even zay i wuz liked even to start da chop comp live reviews but den when i dizzed da trugod dere wuz a bit of electricity in da house toward me … haha … but every1 underztandz im a non-nerdy polo

Superstar is my fave member…

u like Inferno, man? i loved that epic…

you sho about diz? 8)

btw, :comme: 's god= :dong:

yep pretty , but that doesnt mean im rite

what inferno ? we have history , we have rock bands , we have comics with tha infernosism … haha … cool i’iz yo fave …

i vill be honezt

i fuckin hated you at the outzet

but now

i lyk you :blush: and tiz wut mattahz