random non-furious question (pp)

tru 8)

So… thread a bit PW level, but here da membahz have mo brain :wink:

What’s the best pianissimo you have ever witnessed in a Live concert (no recordings). And why (piece, context, etc)

For me, it was by Luchessini playing Liszt Sonata.

The Sonata in general was a bit :comme: easy tempos, not enough power maybe… but in the end, fuck!!! when he made the second scale down, before final chords!! at first i was not sure it the piano was producing actual sound, or it was my imagination. damn!!! never heard anything like that before!!! so marvelously done!! like a distant echo. damn…

gud queztion :rectum:

i vil do zum listenining…pozz zum :ho: vil provide a da anzwah

The last time Cyprien played here in nyc; incredible levels of ppp, pp, and p, yet everything spoke clearly.

haha thanks fo catching that, u saved moi a bunch of time :slight_smile:

I guess Andsnes in moose’s pictures. I haven’t witnessed many amazing recitals. I hardly leave one satisfied.

Bronfman had some great pp moments in the Brahms 1 I saw earlier this year too.

go to mo metal concertz n everysheeyat iz PP from den :dong:

:gav: : not quite sure …

I really haven’t heard that many live, but Wirssaladze really has an amazing tone, her pp sang like no other. I wonder why all her videos are so loud, she plays nothing like that live.

Pogorelich several times, but some unfogetable places - the end of Beethoven op.111, the end of 2nd mvt of Rach 2, pianississimo and briliantissimo passages in Liszt Mephisto and also live Brahms op.118/2. and many more Pogo examples :smiley:

Next, last week, Argerich and Maisky - one of the best concert in my whole life! some pp places - Grieg Sonata 2nd mvt., Chopin Sonata 3rd mvt (encore), Schumann Fantasiestucke (encore too)

Lang Lang Chopin PC 1 - 2nd mvt, one incredible place

Andsnes Beethoven PC 3 - 2nd mvt

Bronfman Beethoven op.27/1 begining, Scarlatti Sonatas etc.

Demidenko Bach Italian Concerto 2nd mvt, Schubert D.850 2nd mvt, Gluck Melody

I will probably remember some more…