random petition

hahaha unban diz?

  • hahahaha pozz
  • hahaha untru
  • hahahah moz def

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liberate comme?

moz def untru

catz…y? 8)

comme shud be banned!

who’s da :comme: ??

how can he possibly have got banned from the forum that he created?

this is not the first time that happened.

he took the old CF from us, so let’s take this from him i say :comme:

hahhaah let uz be realiztic in sayin dat tiz unlykely no mattah how da votez turn out, da CUMMAH iznt goin newhere :MART: 8)

the old CF?


haha i iz a fuckin LATE BLOOMAH, but even I knowz about da old CF :stop:

hahahaha da hiztory iz pozzibly a bit wikid

da kev randomly fucked it over a guddun. :whale:

hahaha da fake plaztic pozz da t25’s favorite poztah tru :MontrealDizcountShoppin: 8)

oh shit yea i forgot, chopinfiles. i remember stories bout diz, i was wondering what the abbreviations meant.

haha respec 8) 8)

even tho I iz from Quebec city tru 8)

what did Comme do to get Chopin files down?

he regiztahd 8)

tiz da truth.

wherevah da cumme landed his dick, that place iz likely to be fucked up.