random requezt from da membahz

wen you pozt a rec, iz it pozz dat u comment on how da zound quality iz? like iz dere hizz (fuck i hate hizz), or iz it clean zound wit gud produktion.

alzo if pozzible, try to encode it at at leazt 192kbz, preferably 256 kbz

i iz bit of an audiphile and zound q duz mattah


dun forget to add if there iz a baby whining during the perf :whale:

yeah true sheeyat sound quality tiz battling. da brew still on da market fo some higher end sheeyat (but not too high end, like 500 bucks). pozz da edirol or nt5 mics.

and can ppl get their traack labelling right? FUCk, i hate it when i come to a downloaded album or some sheeyat and i dun haff a clue what da tracks are.

and when you do label em, do it sensibly. not with “Claudio Arrau:…” (example) at da beginning of each track name.

True, agreed with gruffalo. Unlabeled tracks are the worst thing ever.

And maybe an unimportant small request: put all your files in a map, and THEN .rar it (or zip, whatever). It can be quite annoying when I “extract here” and all the files just appear in that map.

worze den mazz genocide? :zhreddah:

yea thats even more bloody annoying.

haha daimmm
da requests!!!

nothing like and old cracking sound rec of da oldies :ho: :rock: :rectum: :ziff:

tru on both of those

also, if you know them, include the origins of da recordings…for example if it is a bootleg include da date and place (this is mostly already done anyways) or if a studio rec include just da basic specs (i.e. what year it was released and the label)

the reason for that is just if someone uploads a similar recording and your not sure if its one you already have you end up downloading it and having to compare it to the other one to see if dey iz da same

[dasdc.net/t/tag-ur-filez/8294/1) :rudy: