random RESPEC to mah-bad-self

haha, dayum

yesterday at mah school we has auditions for an honors concert

20 auditions, choose 10

each teacher wends one, and dere are 2 piano teachers, so only one pianist can be selected

mah opponent: a cunt playin da liebestraum (strategy:moistah)
me: da chop shitzo 3 (strategy: speed n fury)

needless to say, da fury won out HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

plus, i scored 1st overall (98pts-i have much work to do)


Spreading the gospel of the fury in every orifice of the globe. 8)



i haff 3 wordz fo yo AZZ-


haha, i remember when dat was only two words 8)

One syllable was added to commemorate your CG.


hahaha da sl*w world finally stepz back in front of a triumphant SDC!!
da Dark Lord Nutsak must be ENRAGED…

dat waz a honorable battle againzt da sl*w force and u vil win a SDC medal fo ur bravery: :stop:



haha i haff to perform dis today in 3 hours, you all iz gonna be da last people i talk to before i unleash dis sheeeeyat

it turn s out da chick got in too, but she is first on da program n i am last, so dat progression obviously goes from moist->fuuuury :rectum:


…You’s talking about that chick, rite?

Hahahah Good luck and convert all audience membahs to the triune doctrine of Speed, Fury and CG.



haha, i jsut got back

accuracy:85% (i wuz da least accurate dere)

speed:upwards of 12nps (da fastest dere)

last note dynamic:ffff (da most furious)

haha, n da chick played da list in double slow time dan i heard her practicin, no RESPEC dere :frowning:

A pimp smack is in high ordah for that slow chick.