Random spots in yo town

Dis thread’s for any interesting discovered places in yo town (or any town you represent da SDC in)

I took the bus into Prague to buy a birthday present for a friend (got her a voucher to try floating), and I found dis place called Choco Cafe (one-third of the menu attached). They make these hot chocolates which are like thick sludge as if the chocolate bar was just melted down into the cup. It’s delicious but one isn’t enough.


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Wikid prices!

Yeah they’re high but it seems like everything in central Prague is. Unless you eat at one of those old communist-styled local diners (which are great if you can find them).

How much do the hookers cost in Prague? Like the kinda of girls you see in the Czech casting videos?

haha there’s actually a Czech website where a lot of Czech guys try to hunt them down. Typically you’re talking about 1200 an hour, which is just under 50 euros.


Damn, I will try to convince my friend to swing by Prague when we do our Euro tour this summer!

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It’d be worth it – the city’s quite beautiful, especially if you can find the quiet streets (which I’m only now starting to explore a little). The amount of English and Russian speaking people in the city is quite shocking BTW. Today it was just all English everywhere.

What currency are they using in Tonyland? These prices can’t be euros??

25 kc = 1 euro, so those hot chocolates were between 3.50 - 4 euros. It was a bit deluxe but the cafe was lovely and perfect to relax in, on a quiet street. Generally the prices here are quite high. This country has the lowest unemployment % in Europe.

Yes I just read the reason for it higher up here… Czech girls can be insanely hot, but I wonder if I ever could bring myself to use a hooker. Not so much for my sake, but I’d really feel I’d be taking advantage of another person.

I’d sure love to visit Prague though. Love the Rudolfinum too!

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How much is a pint? Here it’s not rare for them to cost 10-12€.
The other day, I saw a list of most expensive cities in the world and Paris was joint number 1 with Singapore and some other city.

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Oslo can’t be far off either. This was at the airport, but my last meal there was a Snickers and a glass of mineral water which cost like 10€.

OMFG that’s unbelievable. I don’t know how you manage that. That’s shocking. Even in Amsterdam you’d get good beer for 4-5 euros (that was 3+ years ago). Here it’s about the same as that.

Czech girls can be hot but IMO they’re nothing like Polish women. The overwhelming sensation every time I visit Poland is that people must fuck. The feeling hits and overrides you. It’s amazing. The Czechs from what I can tell are a bit insane too–they have this incredible Easter tradition here where the men, on Easter Day, go around the houses of the village/town/city and whip women with braided wooden rods. It’s a literal case of beating out the devil. I was told about this a decade ago but I hope to somehow see it in action next month. Typically from what I’ve been told the men are supposed to know the women they do it to, but I think that’s not always the case.

Of course this being my thread, like TM’s turning to trannies mine turns to hookers. Your sense of taking advantage would (might) apply in Amsterdam’s Red Light District where there actually are trafficked women (probably from Romania & Bulgaria). In a private sense though, your range is mostly between young girls who do it because they think they can make money from it, and older women who do it because they want to. The younger ones AFAIK are very cautious, sanitary and reluctant. The older ones are where it gets crazy and would be the only reason for doing this. Let’s say about 34+. You know, where they say the typical time of a woman’s sexual peak occurs – from her 30s upwards. There’s a window from 32-34 through mid-late 40s that is wicked in the devil’s sense. If you hit that window, you don’t need to worry about taking advantage of anyone for anything. Private ads are private and voluntary and self-described (I mean all the options available are written out so you know what’s on the table (or bed, if you make it there)). Just avoid clubs. Prague BTW is not the place for hookers. Poland and Germany rule all Europe.

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My local cafe (which caters to rich visitors rather than locals like me) charges UK£10.50 for ham, egg and chips, and £2.50 on top of that for a coffee.

Well that’s ridiculous. Any chance it’s run by da Poles? They had taken over many cafes around London before I left.

I remembah a cafe at Pragues but can’t remembah da name

  • a cafe with lotz of bookz
  • central but a bit hidden, not a tourizt zheeyat
  • an uprigth 88
  • 15 yrz from now da Pilsner Urquell wuz at 0,5€ :joy:
    (€ wuz ztrongah tho)

does diz legendary place still exist ?


I zuzpect da 88 dun exizt no mo afta da MART vizit :sunglasses:

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Floating is a great gift, I tried it 3 times and found it a wonderful experience.

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No, Brit owned, but they charge what the well-heeled visitor (spotless Barbour and a Range Rover which has never seen anything but asphalt) expects to pay I think.

I do occasionally get a free piece of cake or cup of coffee, and flirted with by the waitresses, so it’s not too bad really :sunglasses:


diz zound lyk a ZIFF IMPRO cafe :sunglasses: