random tube mofo witnezz da WHALE TRU ZPIRIT

HAHAHAHAHAHA tru da 88 wuz hungry fo revenge evah zince diz clazzic defeat:

:whale: :whale: :whale: :whale:

why didn’t he just play through? many fantastic pianists have broken strings in performance and just sucked it up until a suitable break in movements or whatever

da 88 wuz clearly down fo da count.

n tiz juz…

…bad zportzmanzhip to throw punchz when yo opponent iz down fo da count 8)

cuz hez recordin a fuckin dvd u fuckin dumbcunt 8)

ahahahahahaha 8)

hahaha da tru spirit 8)

oops. :open_mouth: i was not aware of this shituation

suicide mite b da only honorably way out of diz now


pozzibly 8)