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helenegrimaud.free.fr/other/vide … anguage=FR

For those who speak french, I think the fnac sheeyat iz da most interesting. It seems that she thinks in english rather than french and battles at times to explain what she’s trying to say. Bizarre. But fuck she iz hot.


in randomly keep thinkin in englizh even when i am in France

diz dizadvantageouz sheeyatz

at home i zpeak a very bizarre mix of both languagez, like every othah word iz zwitched


to be honezt tho, i abzolutely hate french interviewz, complete BS 24 zeven

i mean fuk, 1 minute n shez already zpitin out zpiritual jabba-sheeyat.

hahaha diz haz more to do with her being a pianizt. They iz always trying to sound smart and zo talk about all diz airy-fairy sheeyat. I used to speak more “franglais” when I was a kid but I can only remember one time not knowing the English word. It seems wierd to not remember one’s native language.


i hate it

but den i again i forget both languagez all da fukin time

pozziblement :whale: