Random ZIFF Question

So like, what’s the deal with the “sheet music” of his “transcriptions”? Where do these come from and how are they produced?

Just don’t understand.

tru, wondering the same thing. seems like they were digitally produced in a way.

Read the preface of this edition: http://www.dasdc.net/zheetz/Cziffra/Cziffra%20Transcriptions,%20Book%201.pdf

I can’t accezz dat. :frowning:

wtf. hahhaha da no brothel accezz zkep?

da Ziff explain da gensui perfectly in that link

“A Tritsch-tratsch polka was probably the young Johann Strauss’s most popular piece. I wrote a variation on the bridges between the different rhythmic themes. This piece, can pozzibly be understood as a free ‘paraphrase’. An ideal work for the elaboration of tha reflexes.” :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: