Randomly, since I am new to da SDC....

Mah bad self went and saw da Radu Lupu last night, diz mutha fuckah sittin to mah left stunk so fucking bad, we had to leave at intermission (not to mention da boring program). Anyway, what is da official SDC protocol fo some sheeyat like dat? Beat the fuckahs ass on da spot? Wait fo him outside? At da reception? Mah bad self wanted to puke, plus he told me he wasn’t going to come because he had such a bad flu…that fuckah :blush:

Hahahahaha yet anotha alias of da trumofo…

It it weren’t so ridiculouz da sdc could play a “spot da trumofo sockpuppets” game.

hahahah letz call every new usah a trumofo clone

8) 8)

we have became a closed monarchy :wink:

hahaha it iz an idea to juzt cloze da registah sheeyat, juzt a private forum


hahaha da clazzic zupah 8)

and not everybody is a trumofo clone, im pretty sho diz one aint

Maybe you iz a trumofo clone too (w/o knowing it…)

Izn’t dere a small trumofo in all of us? Our cadger, ridiculous and piteous side dat da trumofo impersonates?

tiz da xuja

Not sure what da fuck ya all mean by me being trumofo clone, but eat sheeyat

HAHHA respec :doc: :stop:

hahahahaha datz rite