randomly what does my rank means ??

i was glad my peniz is lingering while i get da “Mediocre Nanocock” n i dunno what does it mean … hell … bloody one … whats dat ??

phuc dat bich (Superstar)

tiz quite simple

“mediocre” meanz potent, which meanz powerful :brotha:

“nano” meanz commodious, which meanz huge :bar:

so basically diz meanz powerful gigantic penis

NOW, go to yo cousin and ask, “I haff a mediocre nanocock, wanna fuck?*”

you will be pleasantly surprised, pozzibly

*:comme: ?

oh. that’s a bit of an inside joke. jeff and i gave that title to ryguillian because he hated to be called “mediocre” and his cock is tiny.

prefix: nano: tiny

no idea why someone gave you that title.


sinz I m brazilian and da closest sheeyat to being african, can i get da title “tripod”? i mean, lez face it, i prolly haff da biggest cock in here

untruu … haha … totally untru … as im half arabian den im da closest for haffin da biggest tool haha … and it waz milleniumz ago when latin america sticked to africa …
and i think i lyk diz rank … im a mediocre cock in da real life and in da panties … haha fuck it !!!
and its not pseudocck !!!

Shouldn’t this post be in the Godowsky thread?


yo, cut down on ghey sheeyat

tiz yo first warning :ghey:

hahahahahahahahh :ghey: :ghey: :ghey: :ghey:

hahaha, da jeremy77 cums out of da clozet

took it out my mouth

hahaha no i dont haff a vagina, but dont let dat stop you steve

:smiley: :comme: :stop: :comme: hahahaha

Dunno what yours means, probably that you’re a twat of some kind…
Anyways…mine means that I’m gonna banned pretty fuckin soon…from da sdc…I think soon they’ll change their name to YMCA, or village people or sumthin shite like that…and then they’ll change the principles as well. Not speed fury, and sheeyat…but dexterity, musicallity, and technique, and serious peniz shit
And sure furry wil coexist wit dat, but that goes without saying…and of course dis gangsta talk wil eventually disappear as well, coz it isn’t proper…not fitting fo a peniz

daim tha cuntz prophecy tiz mildly dizturbing

i fuck da cuntz … so u do da same !