Randonly, da doc vs da GOD vs da Hoffman



which is, in yo bad self’s opinion, teh one with teh greater CONTROL and MASTERY ovah da piano???

Most of da great penizes considered da hofman teh greatest of them all, even da ho, but da godowsky had SICK tech, sick enough to amaze da hoffmann…and da doc…I dont think there is anything to be said about him…

which one, in yo opinion, is da greatedt TECHNICIAN?



becuz he wuz totally polizh

you think Hofmann`s TECHNIC was superior?

iz there really any queztion??? :doc: :doc:

its just one of those things I wonder…in The Great Pianists, schoenberg calls hoffmann perfection plus, and other books I read say he was the best, then schoenberg says god was the best, than other books say god was the best…its so contradictiory…is da doc better than both???


how do yo come to dat conclusion???

its like when da weathahman sayz itz going to rain and it doez rain…or randomly it doeznt


lmao at da comparison


doc und god iz zheeyat , while hoffman iz da zheeyat (neverthlezz a zmall “da zheeyat”)

da doc haz da wikid mechanical sheeyat but I haven’t heard any pianist with da level of control of Hofmann. His manipulation of sound is ridiculous, such impeccable volume and tonal shading, and fucking wikid pedalling, not to mention the best finger tech. I wuz listening to hiz scarlatti sonata L 413 then I followed it with Lipatti, Friedman and Michelangeli. Friedman was the closest but it was pretty much night and day. Da God iz probably not fair to compare since hiz recordingz iz mostly sheeyat (with a few hexceptionz) he muzt have been mofo tru. deze comparizonz are pretty pointless. It depends on what ascpet of tech you value more.

:stop: = :doc:



so da hof, and not da doc is the greatest technician by superior voting…

i c…

where does da ziff fall into this?

DOC, then God, then Hoffman

fuck off

pozzibly change da topic title milfy

“Da DOC ownz every azz dat wuz o will be zo hu iz next…God o Hoffmann?”