just for you, i had compiled the list of prehistoric (and wikid) threadz from SDC

it seemz az da quality of da pozts nowadayz haz DECLINED

itz mostly due to postz like: "Hhahahahah Da dong’s RECTUM :ho: :doc: :doc: :lib: :lib: :doc: :ho: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: "

you know the point

so, i have dug up sum GENSUI threadz from our archives that contain demonstrates insane CG, vast knowledge–in a word, da ESSENCE of da SDC

read and LEARN

1)Unfortunately, da direct link of da very FIRST post of SDC, made by COMME, iz lost, due to da Chopinfilez being down. It waz truly da legendary pozt, da GENESIS, of sdc, recruiting da original membahz for SDC

look here, though, for a thread about it:

2)Diz iz da FIRST post ever made in SDC itself

diz is tear jerkin sheeyat

  1. da SECOND pozt
    take notez of da RANDOM gensui and a RANDOM pic of commez COCK :comme:

  2. a very old discussion of da DOC :doc:
    notice da knowledge and da resourcez we incorporate into da discuzzion


da last sighting of a breathing female within da forumz: Chozart

yez, tru diz might be a shock, but dere once waz a female postah in dasdc!

  1. now diz iz da GENSUI way of using emoticonz

take notez

7)a GUD CC contest
also look at, howevah, at da GENSUI number of votez

8)one of mah legendary pseudo-journalizm pieces

i know i haff missed a lot of gensui poztz, so, my fellow certified demonz, please feel free to add sum other gensui threadz 8)

haha now i c :lib:

I remember when da ROD thought da MART wuz a woman. 8)

Hilariously, there were probably only about 8 active membahz at da time. Btw respec for diz, da new mofoz need to be educated. 8)

hilariously, as of recently, da COMME has posted more ovah at da 88streetz dan here



da comme title haff to be updated

dere iz a reazon

tiz cuz i haf been fucked, n i randomly hate da SDC

comme -‘you ask what kind of doctah am i? well baby - i specialise in da female anatomy - ill book you in fo an inspection - n dont worry about protection babe - i got sum whale condoms in da back’

aha well hung-sung, i vil take da time to read sum of doze poztz but sum lynkz require an extra “www.” becuz if i clique dem i get redirected to da mainpage of da sdc :chop:

fo example

it shud be http://[color=orange]
and by da way, it iz only fo uzerz dat are trusted (aka usahz who granted special accezz)

ovah and out, da doctah :dong:

Whats wrong ? :comme:

tiz tru da quality of poztz haff declined. tiz tru da level of CG haff declined. tiz tru dere iz uzelezz mofoz all ovah. HOWEVAH…

da quality of recz in da membahz + recz sect iz at an all :stop: hi


iz dere a correlation?

after all, our most CG membahz happen to be da sheeyatest penisez 8)


da legendary google had allowed me to find da very FIRST post regarding da SDC

diz iz a MUST

zeppz followup postz contain sum insane CG

but more importantly, diz iz da very ESSENCE and da GENESIS of dasdc

READ … %3F+&hl=en

one problem though,

diz cached page only allowz viewing of da first page

much of da intense GENSUI of da subsequent pagez haff been lost

anyone who managez to find da rest of da 17 pagez from da google cache, will be awarded with a nu (and respecable) title 8)

edit: ahh, found da lazt page … bers&hl=en

15 more to go!!

no skep poztz? shame.

Anyways, I vote we ban one of dem but keep da othah.

hahaha u can see da difference between da first and da last page, probabaly da sdc lingo iz born in dat topic :astonished: :astonished:

HAHAHAHAHA DIZ LEGENDARY TOPIC!!! da firzt page only zcrap da zurface of da CG. gud luck in finding da otha pagez :lib:


lol google says dat he didn’t archived chopinfilez :frowning:

[size=150]sum of da mos nervously CG sheeyat i haff evah bin privileged to witnezz

da fucking CC fury

a beotch gets owned

mo inzane CC art[/size]