Reassessing Ponti

This has all his OG dynamics in place which were a bit insane. In reissues I think they compressed things so it just sounds like he has a sheeyat tone instead of a big dynamic range.

What you think of this mofo? I got a Brahms Paganini from early 70s in the mail. Will see how his other stuff sounds now that I can play back this stuff.

Alkan Festin d’Aesop transfer on new rig.

Randomly, some Ponti recs are actually on uprights.

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Oh man those scrib sight reads on the upright not helping his rep.

Look at this big Dong program. Turns out I already got the LP with Brahms pag.

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Here is the live 1971 chopin etude in thirds, the harp, bee and winter hurricane.

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