rec - Perlman/Barenboim-Brahms 3 Violin Sonatas

great violinist, not so great pianist…

I like da Barengroin

his nocturnes anyway

yea tru, his nocturnes r pretty good…

At the risk of incurring the wrath of other membas here, I want to say that while I prefer Barenboim as conductor than pianist now, I still love his Brahms…


the Barenboim nocturnes comment.

Was that a joke? Seriously? Please tell me so I don’t feel bad about laughing/crying for the past few minutes.

his nocts were the first I ever heard…so I thought they were good…

I havent heard to them since because I have found at last 10 better to replace…

for a first, it is not bad…

they are ma fav as a zet. So yes muz*icniggah you need to feel bad pozz :whale:

Personally, I feel that Barenboim simply wants to do everything. Had he concentrated only on piano playing, he would have been a more effective pianist today. But that doesn’t mean he’s a second rate musician. His music making is reminiscent of the German romantic tradition, like Edwin Fischer, Arrau, Furtwängler.

Barenboim is a great musician- but he does too much- one of my old bosses told me of watching him “sight-read” Meistersinger before doing it the first time- with an orchestra! He had never done it before. I’m actually amazed that he can even still play at all, although his recent Bach was simply awful.



Odd that I remember a huge fuss you mofo’s made over the Dongah/beer-n’-bum master class yet none of you like his playing.

Is this better than the Pearlman/Ash rec?

I like Barenboim’s Beethoven, it’s not my top choice. Same with the violin sonatas- I’ve never been a huge Perlman fan in the sonata lit, and I find find Barenboim’s sound way too opaque and metallic to be effective in later Romantic literature (meaning: I don’t find it neccesary to have a beautiful transparent sound like Marc Andre to be an effective Beethoven player). I agree that the Oistrakh/Richter is tremendous, but did they record the G major?