Rec quest: Rach Naxos vol 5

I wood appreciate if any of u mofoz haff diz genzui rec :sunglasses:

Pozz I iz a Rach nut, but I’d probably enjoy da zhit out ov all doze alt takez

rezpek mofoz, n THANKZ

Has Naxos released the complete Rach recs? (Including da EMI sheeyat?) Is the sound better than the previous releases if I sheeyat reading correctly? (Also shouldn’t iirc be changed to iisc then?)

I don’t think they’re through yet. The sound is a little better on Naxos, Marston’s Rach transfers for RCA were done early in his career and I know he’s dissatisfied with them.

The sound is way better, they have released almost everything at this point…

What is missing from Naxos?

I don’t think Naxos is the full set, am I wrong?