Recital program

Now that I have so much time to really sit down and practice, I am planning a Schuman-Liszt 88 program for next year.

So far it’d look like this:
Schumann Fantasiestucke Op.12
Liszt Harmonies du Soir
Schumann Toccata
Schumann Fantasie in C
Liszt Reminiscences de Don Juan

Any suggestions on order/repertoire


Nice but are you sure you want the Fantasy and DJ back to back?

If you want to highlight the most obvious Schumann-Liszt connection, the Liszt Sonata was dedicated to Schumann, in return for Schumann’s dedication of his Fantasie in C major, so…
But your combination of pieces is more original

I know they would both be the “meat” of the recital but I’m thinking it’s OK because the Fantasie ends quietly. Also it’s the best way I could make both sides balanced in terms of time…repertoire is definitely up for change if this is a problem.

I would quarantine da Schumann items n segregate da Pimp items in deir own sections, respectively


Ha yeah. I’m not too concerned about the connection, mainly just playing the pieces I like.

But one day I will definitely do a Bach-Alkan concert with 30 Ans and the E Major Book II P&F played back to back

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This is what I wanted to do originally to keep a better sense of atmosphere and flow. My concern is that there would be a time imbalance, since the Schumann items would be over an hour while Liszt would be less than thirty minutes. Maybe it’s time to learn more Liszt…

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Play da benediction. Pozzibly in place of da DJ



Wouldn’t be my choice for a program but that’s how I would do it. Da op.17 has to go at the end, you just can’t play anything after it. But seeing as dj also has to go at the end, first half finisher would suffice.

Edit - long first half, maybe put da tocc start of second.


My only issue is that I can pretty much only pull off the Toccata after my fingers are warmed up, and it’s a much better starter than Harmonies. Otherwise this is a great layout, if the Tocc is an issue I can always replace it with the Arabeske or some other simpler stuff and then move the Tocc to the second half.

So this:


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I’ve always loved that piece. Not sure if I would take off DJ though.

We iz all infected by da :pimp: viruz ova here.
It doez kill, but very slowly :wink:


Can I suggest this order?

Arabesque (C major)
Toccata (C major, starts with G)
Fantasy (C major, starts also with G dominant)
~ ~ ~
Harmonies de soir (D-flat major)
Fantasiestucke (starts with D-flat major piece, cycle finnish with F major piece)
Don Juan (starts in D minor)

On that way you can connect some works, like first two from the both halfes.

All in all, I understand that you have to warm up properly for Toccata, so program dependes about that. I’m just sure that Fantasy should close the first half. Personaly, I don’t like so much that Toccata goes after it (like Kissin did in 2010). Anyway, these are all great works and should be great program!


kreso, these are really good suggestions, I’d do the same order (IF I could play such a program :-P)

Btw the Arabesque is in C major, unless you are talking about da Debussy no. 2 :wink:

Shitt, I always think that Schumann’s Arabesque is in G major… So, even better, all 3 Schumann pieces in the first half are in C major :slight_smile:

I would also like to do this kind of progran if I could play Toccata and Don Juan :sunglasses:


That is by far the best way to harmonically connect these works. And I like the fact that half of the program will be in C major. Nobody thinks that C major is very interesting, but perhaps this will show them otherwise.


Glad you like it :blush:

Sokolov did one interesting program in C:

Sonata C major KV 545
Fantasy C minor, KV 475
Sonata C minor, KV 475
~ ~ ~
Fantasy, Op. 17

Later he changed Schumann for Beethoven, Oo. 90 & Op. 111, which worked also well.

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Are you muddling up viruzez, :pimp: with :wim: ? :sunglasses:

Also, how about 1 or 2 Schumann-Liszt song trannies?

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I’ve never learned any of them but they seem pretty popular among pianists so they must be some good…maybe I’ll take a look sometime

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