Recommend Moi A Tru Piece ...

For a recital ~hour long, looking for a tru Romantic piece 15±5 minutes. This is the piece where I would juz UNLEAZH, so recommend accordingly.

Recommended so far:

Medtner Sonata Tragica
Chopin Ballade 1
Chopin Scherzo 3

strauss-reger blue danube

Totentanz Zolo Tranz 8) (Actually, Hinson sayz in hiz piano lit book dat diz contains no passages of excessive difficulty and isn’t too hard— pozz?)

Scho-Rob Happy Farmah perhaps foh encore?

Thanks for your input :wink:.


P.S. Any Reger? :slight_smile:

da tym u vil zpent on da medtner be pozz double ov da other 2

but tiz alzo outgenzui da other 2 by milez

don’t do da ballade 1, to much moizt (moi did dat)

da zhitzo 3 haz concentrated genzui

pozz zum pimp operatic tran?

strauss-reger blue danube

tiz tru

here’s the score:

or do da NORMA or DJ or ROBERTZ LE DIABLE would fit zo well!

yes, but reger blue danube can be played by humans

plus it has many cg moments, as you might see if you read thru

ahahahaha da ZIFF blue noob iz TRU

i haff not looked at da REGAH but haff no doubt tiz a much mo zeriouz compo :ghey:

dat zed i vil dl anyway 8)

zcherzo 3 is dev a great piece but too rizky to play.

8) go foh da schumann-rob happy farmah.


hahzhah 1 word-

TOT :pimp:

Sorabji 1920 Toccata

shivers one of the few Sorabji pieces I wouldn’t even touch with a stick or da MEPH

True tz not a good piece.

:comme: Wise u iz