Recordings of Bakk?

Considering Vladimir Bakk lived in the states, does anyone have live recordings of him?

Hi Vlad

I have a live recital in Buenos Aires on 13 July 1993. These are the pieces (not in order of performance, but only in alphabetical order by composer)

J.S.Bach - Prelude e Fugue BWV 857
Chopin - Mazurka Op.17 n°4
Chopin - Nocturne Op.9 n°3
Haydn - Piano Sonata Hob.XVI:10
Mozart - 12 Variations on ‘Ah, vous dirai je maman’ KV 265
Schumann - Arabeske Op.18
Scriabin - Piano Sonata No.9 Op.68
Scriabin - Prelude for the Left Hand Op.9
Scriabin - Etude Op.65 n°3

Let me know if you want all this.


Of course he does! :wink:

Yes please that would be great, thank you. Mr. 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine knows me too well.

Is this the same recital that Ingrid Fliter uploaded low quality videos of?

Yes it is, and the audio quality is not the best…!gHJygJoI!JSnOXsVbOvh1 … iMKE7WZyDM

Thank you very much nonetheless. I’m happy to find any live recordings of this neglected pianist.

thanks ALOT.

I know Bakk from his insane Liszt Rhapsody 6 rec