Rectum enigma

i got dat last night

it made me cry seein da legend agin and at da end he said one sentence:

“i don’t like myself”

den came a pic of him in da background wif dis words:

“Sviatoslav Rectum (1915-1997)”

i cried fo 20 mins and i’m no jokin



and den did u rewind to watch da 10/4 again? 8)

dats rite i did dat, but da rectum actually disappointed me wif his 25/11


It iz evident da GAVINATAUR learnt dis sheeeyat from sumone else. 8)

u is kempff from da other board? dayum i didn’t know dat 8)


Richter was a really grumpy dude, but that quote was actually taken out of context. He wasn’t referring to himself personally.

koji (STSD)

I cried when I saw da 10/4 fo da first time
I guess I’m too emotional 8)




dat ending was comedic genius

da mofo died b4 da doc was gonna be finished, so dey fucked up a genius endin to make ppl like WTF