req: anyone got pogo 1980 + ozawa prok3?

someone uploaded 1st mvt on youtube… sure sounds like pogo. curious to hear the other mvts. anyone got?

oh and check out the :stop: , sd indeed

Wow, amazing recording!!

Have you requested to the person who uploaded it??

The orq sounds superb

It’s been posted here previously. I’ll re-upload.

Personally, I think it’s a pretty awful recording. Once you get over the legendary speed, it really just sounds like LL-style piano masturbation. Check out Terence Judd for a similar recording played a lot more tastefully.

I heard the Terrence Judd is supposed to be amazing. Is that the one from the competition?

Yeah, from the Tchaikovsky competition, which is where most of his recordings are from. The Tchaikovsky concerto he played there is also incredibly insane.

I’d be very interested in hearing both! rezpect!


Sorry, busy with midterms. I’ll get this posted tonight for sure.

np, thanks man