Req: Kapustin Preludes Op 54 Sheetz

Plus, I would like if someone could post Bach-Busoni Prelude in B minor from WTC book 1. I need to play that at a wedding.


I belive it is opus 53 but I might be wrong.

Here you go:

Tru, it is Op. 53


Any idea where I could find that Bach-Busoni?

tru here is the bach-busoni. btw those kapustin preudes kick ass.

Definitely. I’m gonna be playing random background music at a gala in a few weeks, so I thought I’d bust out 5 or so of these preludes. They fit that kind of mood perfectly.

Thanks for the Bach-busoni

Just looked at that Bach Busoni and realized it was Bach-Siloti Prelude in b from BWV 855 that I meant. Any chance you have that too?

yup, i do.

Much respect!

JRE, I just realized that you pasted the same link as the Busoni. Any chance of a re-up?

This one? 8) I’ve not played this, so I’ve no idea how accurate this edition is.

That looks perfect. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

sorry, that was the one i intended on pasting. i didnt check it over before i posted.

Tru, no worries :slight_smile: