request: any rec of da Strauss-Friedman "O schöner Mai

tru, too bad Friedman never approved his own recs of O Schöner Mai, Wiener Blut, Künstlerleben, Frauenherz and Rosen aus dem Süden

da Sheets looks WIKID, any mofo rec diz?


I only have two listed: Gunnar Johansen and Peter Froundjian. Possibly one or two more among the Strauss CDs Lane, Buchbinder, Scherbakov etc have recorded…

DAIM, rezpek!!

Um, can you try and kindly find any one of those, I’d be curious to hear da mofo 8)

I assume da Gunnar mofo rec is probably bettah 8)

(I would have tied Friedman to da piano bench and plied him with cigarettes until he approved a take of each of those. Not in a sexual way tho, I swear! Ok, maybe a little bit. :tm: )

yes I need help :dong:

Sure. I wouldn’t have too high hopes on Johansen though… The Friedman cycle was the last recording sessions he did, when he was 80 years old, and my memory of it is that the playing uniformly sucks. They’re of much worse quality than the Bach/Liszt/Busoni series he did, which are very variable but which at least have some good things.

I can annoy you a little too. Libetta played all three of Friedman’s Strauss paraphrases (and his Wiener Tänze etc too) during his days as pianistic mofo wizard in the mid 1990s. There IS a live recording of him doing them, but given the taper I feel fairly confident we’ll never hear it. :imp:

yeah, whatever. I’m just curious to hear da mofo

maybe da TRUMOFO himself will rec diz :wink: pozz 8)

Here’s Gunnar J:

Yes yes thank you daddy!

Holy BITCH, that’s a great paraphrase.
I’d still consider the 4 Godowsky works in that genre a pretty big edge.

Btw I listened at 1.5x 8)

Yeah, Friedman’s recording of this must have been wonderful.
I think the fuckers made him squeeze it into 1 side, that’s why he didn’t approve the 1931 rec.

Maybe I’m wrong.
Fuck Colombia records :tm:

anyone listened?
I high recommend hearing it at 1.5x 8)