request: recz of da GODO Fledermaus

Who plays this mofo GUD?

There is that wonderful Moiseiwitsch rec, too bad tiz cut

old friere studio rec is best…

here if a vid of him doing it later…

My favourite is Fiorentino, which you should already have many versions of.

here is the da studio rec

I like da Fiorentino, but my favorite by far is still da cut Moiseiwitsch rec.

elegant as DICK 8)


Many good though.

Friedman would have owned it so Gud

Yeah. Most play it well though. I can’t immediately think of one I dislike.

Why? You’re taking it up? :pimp:

Not at the moment, but it is a fuckin masterpiece.
My favorite out of the 4 Strauss Godo mofos

No time to really dick around with da Godowsky

Recital program for Jan 27 is:

Beethoven 110
Chopets 25-2, 25-8
Tchaik F major vars


TE 8

Years of Pilgrimage:
Chapelle de Guillaume Tell
Sonetto 123

Scribets op 8 nos 7-12 only

Kunstlerleben here I think… but yes the bat is damn nice too.

Flashy program! Rezpek da Orage. :pimp: And well chosen Sonetto, easily my favorite of the three.

104 is probably my fave :ho:

I gotta learn da 110 and the Liszt YOP pieces, not that much time left.

Probably the best actually, but I’ve heard it too much. I’m getting allergic to the 15-20 works of his everyone plays.

Heard Pogo’s 1990 Carnegie Wilde Jagd?


My favorite TE 8 is still da Ovchinikov, Richter, Berezovsky, and DUCHE

KarateChopin plays it iirc.
I like Wine, Women and Song the best, Artist’s Life is good too.

Artist’s Life is a bit like a woman wearing 3 brands of perfume at once

or a meal consisting entirely of the most exquisite cakes. 8)

This is the only Wilde Jagd I need to hear: … etude-no-8

yeah man! That recording is NUTS

I would have liked to hear Busoni play it

But he disqualifies himself in the second bar by getting the rhythm wrong.

Unacceptable. :g:

it is actually is more “correct” than what :ziff: plays.

That’s not saying much though :mule: