Request: Strauss - Ein Heldenleben

listening to diz now on radio3 and tru, tiz exquisit. only got in for the last 10 mins, can someone post a full rec of this?


I can’t say that I have it, but I have also heard that this, along with his other symphonic poems, are insane. :rock:

Btw, does anyone have a recording of… Tristan and Isolde? :slight_smile: I think that that is a pretty massive thing

tru we should get an opera thread going…i have heard next to nothing

tru opera iz tha bezt :lib:

bahaha! one of my favorites

finally something I’m useful for

Shall post rec (Dammit i’m not sure who’s doing it though… but yes, its 4-5 cd’s)

Its huge and my girlfriend is waiting in bed so I shall do it this weekend. Bump this thread to remind me if it goes downwards or PM me or something.

PS i fucking love opera and have some good hookups at my library

do you have carlos kleiber’s boheme?

haha to each hiz own, I iz pozz uncultured but I would ratha watch old people eat fried chicken then the opera :doc:

i see, we have some opera fans? i have some interesting stuff to post then.

Post away! I would very much like to hear what you have to share.

Rezpec. :rock:

ahhahahaha fried chicken iz gud too tho


respec…if possible post some big behemoth scope fuckers…like wagner and such

i randomly iz an operah fan too (her show is also great :dong:).

tru, da pavarotti iz moi hero.

kallaz and fizchah-Dickah iz legendary mofoz.


aah tru, let’s get some opera in here 8)