request: yuja wang

anybody feel like uploading her etudes cd? 8) respect

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i’d want to fuck the living shit out of her too if i was him :whale: :whale:

i think thats her only redeeming quality. pianistically, i see other asian girls with the same amount of talent (or slightly more) as her all the time. shes just another pedestrian pianist. the fact that she plays ligeti isnt anything special, really. well, not anymore, at least.

I don’t know, her facility is very impressive.

when i hear her play i don’t hear the interesting ideas and musicality of chu fang huang for instance, but her technique is pretty amazing from the little i’ve seen. that’s partially the reason i’d like to hear this disc. and i don’t think it’s “amazing” that anyone plays ligeti. it’s not really a feat per se. any modestly talented pianist can play that stuff if they are willing to sacrifice the time.

haha her raw TECH iz lyk :dong: + :shrimp: at deir peak…n mo cunziztent den da dongah

haha da :dong: and :shrimp: dun play on strapless 8)

how i watchez diz? i get da black screen yo

no one’s got this disc to up? for shame.

than pozz someone could just fulfill my request for yuja wang, sans piano. :whale:

i saw her in person,

she is indeed very… attractive

and has a monster tech

and randomly,

heard some insane stories about her when she was a young prodigy at aspen, like memorizing Pag vars (brahms) in 3 days and shit like that. If that’s true, she’s just ridiculous.

However, she filled in for Berezovsky for the Tchaik 1 (god dammit) and it was the most boring playing I had witnessed in a good while.

We sure have come along way in the world of world-class pianists,
from Hoffman, Rachmaninoff, Schnabel, and Friedmann to Lang Lang, Yundi Li, Andras Schiff, and Alfred Brendel.

May the legacy continue, Godspeed Yuja Wang.

i protest brendull

btw isnt that “come a long way” sort of a decrease in quality? then again we do have some monsters out there somewhere lurking.

liek OMG


according to some chinese interviews she’s done, she has over 20 concertos in her rep and memorizes a new one in about 2-3 weeks. she does have a prodigious talent even if the music isn’t there (yet?)

zhe memorized 20 typin concertoz? :whale:

oh yeah by in her rep i meant memorized

da lugy rocky3 in 3 dayz ztill da #1 gensui claim followed clozely by da ZKEPTO 8)