About a year ago I read somewhere that Hamelin was working on a set of Liapunov Etudes he was about to include in his recital program. I still haven’t seen him actually do any though - does anyone know if he has played them, and if so whether there are any recordings around?

:dong: :dong: :dong:

Does anyone actually like this music? I ask frankly with only a morsel of cynical dismissal.

Anyway he has played some of them yo

Yes, Simon here brought my attention to this as well during the summer. It would be really incredible if there wasn’t a tape… There was a time when I knew (or at least was aware of) a dozen tapers within driving distance of London, but it’s quite a lot more sparse today alas. I haven’t begun knocking doors for this yet, but will soon.

As to the music… Love it! Try Noack if you haven’t already.

That may or may not have something to do with how governments have been actively involved in driving the less affluent dwellers to the outskirts of the city or beyond. London I know is a prime case, I’ve heard Paris is similar, and I know Amsterdam is on the way there too.

I wonder if the high number of broadcasts today has caused a reduction in audience bootlegs. The times I would make an effort to bootleg were those when I knew there wouldn’t be an eventual broadcast. Given that equipment is higher quality and easier to get, I’m not sure what else would cause a reduction aside from this or personal circumstance.

I think it may have been at least partly that they cancelled eachother out. With that many tapers it’s easy to think that “nah I’ll pass on this someone else will catch it instead”, and especially if two or three have super equipment which was the case back then. But it’s also since several have moved abroad - including Mr. Speedster from what I’ve understood - others are in daddyhood, and some have simply lost interest. There were more people around in general 15 years ago - apparent from the forum activity if nothing else!

I imagine it’s a combination of the factors you guys raised.
That’s why I’m trying to make hay while the sun shines.

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