Requezt da shosty cello sonata piano part tru

Massiv respect.

I have btw a wicked La Valse version if sum1 wants to check. Includes double chromatic glissando tru :sunglasses:

Recorded it? Show moi da valse Gimme da shosty mofo

Nvmd too sl*w i got it already :slight_smile:

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Dayum. Nice to see you show yo cock on here

Nvmd… gimme da piano part nonetheless… this pdf is crap with sl*w fingerings and shit

dude, who da fuck here is into ghey shosty?


fo da NOR

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daim. Impressive speed.

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4mvnt there is sum wicked 16th notes swag and fury. Makes it a worthy sdc sonata

y zhave ? :sunglasses:

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Massive respect man. Do u also have the rach sonata ur pdf is sooo clean !

Beard creates drag fo speed :sunglasses:


Going for Da TRIF/BUZ look?


Only thing worth shaving is pussy

No worries bro :sunglasses:

Not a great edition, but:

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respect. Take all my Ziffros.

Here is an idea btw:

Ziffro as a nu cryptocurrency :sunglasses: i would invest 100 bucks tru



@festinfurious suggested a Poon Pound as currency too