Review: The WORST Ever Beethoven Piano Concertos

famouz muzik critic now haf a tube channel…

hahaha a bit CG rezpecable!


Daiiiim fucking legendary!!!

“Toilet paper and deodorant we’re invented yet, but you get an idea about that because the performance really stinks”


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This reviewer should review da wim.


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Did you know uncle phil and uncle carl met. FUCK!

Hahaha I never saw dat!

Pretty racizt TBH

haha da uncle ben offstage perhaps ; )

What is it with Dutch nationals and horrific interpretations of “historical accuracy”?

Haha knew it would be diz mofo.
Maybe da :snail: should start reviewing

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HAHAHAHA da CAMEL cummah :camel: :dromedary_camel:

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“Come learn about the demented world of Georgian composer Heraclius Djabadary, a talent so minor that it can only be measured using homeopathic principles.”

sick burn bro

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I just posted a transfer of the lez doo! Moravec is great.


hahaha I vil lizten da 30 minz :sunglasses:


hahaha iz diz alzo da
EAZIEZT 88 concerto ? :sunglasses:

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hahaha diz conc zhorly betta den mozt ‘modern’ 88 concz :sunglasses:

alzo diz bazed on ethnic national ztylee themez zo any krittycizm can be conztrued az juz

racizm :sunglasses:

Hahaha da JABBADAHUTT opening polyztylizm!!

3.07 lol

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