Rezpec da Hough

Filling in for Perahia. Here’s the programme for his Carnegie Hall recital:

Beethoven “Sonata Quasi una Fantasia”
Janacek’s Sonata “1.X.1905”
Scriabin Sonata no. 4
Scriabin Sonata no. 5
…Liszt Sonata in B minor

Anyone capped this?

Hopefully I’ll be getting a copy of this soon, will post if there’s interest.

I don’t mind Hough as much as some others, but for some reason he seems to gravitate towards repertoire that’s inappropriate for his style, in a way that’s very hard to describe without either simplifying it to overused platitudes, or going to excess length and metaphorical opinion. At least that’s been my feeling about him for quite a while, now. And that programme is a great example of that. I’d be interested in hearing the Beethoven, but that’s about it. The Scriabin five MAYBE for the CG, though.


tru, count me in too. id love to hear this rep played by him. i generally feel that he is a much different pianist live than in recordings.

It would be great!

Would be great to hear!