Rezt in Peace: tha WHIZKY

a tru legend pazzez away :frowning:

but tru im zho moz peopl thought he had been dead fo a bit ne way :gav:

tru rezt in peace

Respect. Catcher in the Rye will always be a sentimental favourite of mine. I read it at least once a year and I love it more each time.

rezpec diz mysteriouz mofo

Great writer, undoubtedly. I thought Catcher in the Rye was a masterpiece, and have heard that Franny and Zooey is even better (though I’ve yet to read the latter). Guy was a pretty a terrible human being, though, and I’ve always felt that some of that comes through in his writing. Check this out:

More: … wanted=all

Sounds like a lot of artists (except the urine part), F Scott Fitzgerald, for example, was a prick towards Zelda.

I didn’t enjoy Franny and Zooey that much. For me, Salinger’s next best work is ‘Nine Stories’.

great artist, too bad. but he lived a long life!

ahahahahah legendary