Richter CG

By the way, today is the Tenth Anniversary of His death.

Phenomenal. I can only bow in his passing.

Let us all pay our respects by dedicating a work or performance to him this week.

da jarr shuld pozz take note :rectum:


da chriz pozz has a bootleg of tiz concert.


Hehe, not quite. But the Prokofiev 8th on Revelation is from a week earlier. That’s my favourite Prok 8th, so you can imagine how insanely he played it on the night described in the article…

haahaha diz TV team zhorly not quite :mart: level 8)

hahahah, great! Though, a shame the recital was not recorded! But perhaps it´s better like this!

ahahahahahah :whale:

ahahaha tru i meant to acknowledge thiz CG earliah alzo


da chriz, do u know why da Richter shy away from da camera latter in hiz life?

He really didn’t. There are lots of videos of Richter from 1980 and on. I don’t think he was ever against being recorded on video… I think there were just some days where he didn’t need that shit - camera crews are a bit distracting.

Plus, I think he regarded music as a non-visual art. I doubt he understood or appreciated the fascination people have with watching hands move on a keyboard… though that makes two of us…

richter himself is a very taciturn person imo, just like da ABM.