Richter in da 40's - new set on Parnassus … the-1940s/

even more legendary den da Richter in da 50’s series.

I wonder if this is the start of a new series of 40’s recs? Hopefully they release the great perfs that we have circulating like the 1946 Franck PCF, but also - hopefully, sum stuff which is still locked up in Russia - like da 1947 Prick 7 :rectum:

Good. I think I already have all the stuff contained here, but a series of such kind would be very welcome.

Yes, most of this set is from Ankh and Russian Masters. Definitely enough material out there, and the 1940s era may be the most fascinating of all for Richter fans, and Parnassus has the access and ability to release just about any Richter it wants.

I prefer 1950s Richter. Any work that he recorded in both decades, I invariably prefer the later rec.

I agree that 50s Richter is more satisfying. But the 40s Richter is utterly fascinating because some of the interpretations are quite different than what they later become even in the 50s, like we’re witnessing an apprenticeship of him discovering himself.

I can agree with that. :rectum:

Tru story

Seems this is the only volume of the 40s, not a new series, as there is not much of his 1940s recordings has been published. The notes said that the volume starts from 1947, “the earliest reliably authenticated recordings of Richter performances yet published,” so anything earlier than this is probably rejected. And considering the set has nothing newly published, I doubt they had access to any unpublished recordings from this period, otherwise they would have included them in this release rather than just issuing things already out there.

The notes also said, “The recordings included in this set all originated as tapes,” rather than “remastered from tapes,” so my ill guess is that they simply copied the CD issues from Doremi, ANKH or Aquarius.

his earliest recordings are from 1946 - like the Franck PCF.

Yes, but it seems Parnassus does not think they are “reliably authenticated”…

Ates Tanin has verified them to the exact date.

I see. Is the 1946 Franck still downloadable? I cannot find the post…

check your pm 8)

As for early Richter - I’m hoping for a 50’s Liszt Sonata and maybe some more crazy Liszt items from the 40’s - he did broadcast quite a bit in those days, and also - many concerts were recorded partially.

Leningrad radio must have some wikid unreleased Richter stuff from the 50’s as well.

That said - Richter was ridiculously well documented, and we are so lucky to have the GALAXY of amazing recs of basically his entire all-encompassing rep.

What a TITAN. :rectum: … f9aGIjixti